Cracked Glass Repair


We never get tired of being able to offer our customers FREE REPAIRS of their stone chips and rock cracks in their windshields.

Left un-repaired, it’s almost certain your small windshield crack or stone chip will slowly expand over time as you drive your vehicle over bumps, etc.  Once the crack starts expanding, it will slowly ruin your windshield completely.

The insurance companies know this.  So it only makes sense they would rather pay our small fee now to repair that small crack, before it expands and costs them major money to replace the entire windshield.

Virtually every insurance company waives their deductible and gladly pays for our crack and chip repair, rather than pay for full windshield replacement later.

We are fully approved with the major insurance companies and we bill them directly.  This means no money out of your pocket!  All it takes is a quick five minute phone call to your insurance company, and you don’t pay us a thing!

We can conveniently come to your home or work location and perform the repair right where you are parked.  If you prefer, you can also drive in to our shop in Sterling, VA.  Relax in our lounge with free WiFi and satellite TV while we do the work.  Repairs take under an hour an you can drive your vehicle immediately.

Call us today to schedule your repair, before that crack spreads!  Remember, your insurance company pays us.  You don’t!


Cracked Windshield Repairs In Under An Hour.

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